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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Clayton's Vacation Weekend!!!

OK, So since Clayton was gone for a week in California his work gave him two comp days, to make up for the time he spent away from us! So the kids and I wanted to show him a good time while he was off, because he is such a hard worker, and does it for us.

So this past Friday we went on base to the splash pad and playground and played for awhile, then we went to the mall to get Grandon his Cookie Monster shoes which he just LOVES!!! And in the mist of it all Madison decided to unroll the toilet paper, and play with my tampons, she is learning at such a young age...

Then on Saturday we all (my mom and my brother's kids met us there) headed to New Braunfels and went to the Children's Museum, which we just loved that place, it was AWESOME, the kids had such a great time, and there are so many kid friendly things for the kids to do, and it's great to watch them interact with everything, they even have dance Revelation, which of course Clayton and I had to try out, and I kick butt on it, it's SO much fun.
Then Sunday we had a day of much needed rest, we went to church, and then off to my parent's house for Bar0B-Que (Clayton's favorite food of all time) and a NOT so friendly game of Catan!!!
Then Monday rolled around, and we had won free tickets to Natural Bridge Caverns, I haven't been there since I was like 10, and Clayton and the kids have never been there, so it was really neat and we had a great time, the kids even loved it! Afterwards we went to lunch, and we all came home and crashed before we had to go watch Clayton play his last game of Softball, which we won yea!!! GO HFI!!!
So all in all we had a great fun filled weekend, that has taken us almost a whole week to recover from. Isn't it funny, how you have a vacation, and you end up more tired from your vacation then you do from just everyday normal life, but I guess that's just cause you are on the go all the time, but whatever the reason for it, we had a great time, and I think we did a good job showing daddy how much we love him, and appreciate him for all the hard work that he does for his family. So here is our shout out to daddy...WE LOVE YOU!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Utah Trip

We went to Utah to visit Clayton's parent's and his son Sam. We did so many fun things while we up there, but we were very ready to get back to Texas, and back to normal life again. Nothing is better than home. We had a great time, and we got to hang out and play games with Clayton's brother David and His wife Heidi. We had a blast! We also got to meet our new nephew James, he was the cutest thing! And Benji was awesome I love him to death!