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Saturday, July 16, 2011


While Sam was here, we played a few games of UNO, Madison and her daddy totally rocked the cashbox with that game, for a 4 year old, she's got it down!

Daddy and the little girl who has him wrapped!

Sam focusing

A Day Trip....

4th of July kinda sucked this year, since we are in such horrible drought, we had no fireworks :( Instead the Saturday after we took a day trip to the coast and met up with my family! Lots of fun was had by all, and best part it was Sam's first trip to the coast, we had him for 2 weeks!

Since we are on the Dave Ramsey budget, we had to do a weekends worth of fun in a day, because we weren't able to stay the night, but we sure did have tons of fun!!!

We started off by taking a trip to the Texas State Aquarium!

Grandon and Sam in the front entrance

Then you get as many of the kids to pose on a big giant turtle for you, as shown by Madison

and by Grandon

Then you go watch a dolphin show

and take a family picture during the dolphin show

Then go see them from underneath

have a photo op with Aunt Jess and Madison

and another one with Grandon

Then you go to the beach start to build a sand castle with your cousin

Then bury your other cousin in the sand

Take a snap shot of your brother when he's not looking

and finally you take a picture of your daddy and your baby boy!!!