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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So now that I've finally found the time to sit behind a computer again, I can let everyone know how my recovery has been. After the first pain killer didn't do a thing for me, Clayton picked up my new one from Walgreen's, then after taking that a few times we discovered that I'm allergic to it, breaking out in hives, itchy, and throwing up, isn't exactly what I wanted to add on top of my already extreme amount of pain.

So I went about three days with no pain killers at all, you are NOT suppose to recovery from surgery with NO meds that's not how it's suppose to happen. Clayton finally called the doctor and got me something that I'm not allergic to and that isn't a narcotic (I've discovered that I would make a horrible druggie good thing I'm not looking into that as a new profession or anything). Besides the worst pain I've ever felt, I'm slowly recovering.

I still can't drive or pick up the kids, which is hard since that's what I do day in and day out. I have to have someone babysit me everyday till the doctor releases me, which isn't an easy task for me. I hate having to depend on everyone else to take care of me and the kids, that's my job. Clayton has been a great husband and father through all of this though. he's really picked up the slack and taken care of me and the kids. I don't recommend that he go into the medical field though, nursing isn't a good calling for him, he needs to stick with the computers. Thanks to everyone for there continued thoughts and prayers we appreciate them and still need them. We miss and love everyone.


Monday, April 21, 2008


OK, So I was suppose to have my surgery for my gall bladder today, but at 7 this morning the hospital called, and said my doctor canceled the surgery, because she was very ill. I had already made arrangements for dinners, Clayton, and the kids. So needless to say we had to call the sister's and let them know what was going on, family, and etc... I spent so much time getting myself "ready" for this, just to make me wait longer. But oh well don't want a sick surgeon cutting into me right??? So now the surgery is going to be Friday at 12:30, so please keep me in your prayers, I'm going to go to bed now.


Friday, April 18, 2008


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday Dear MEEEE, Happy Birthday to ME! A whooping 24 today, and my mommy is 48 today! My Grammie is taking us to lunch, and Clayton is taking me to dinner, What a wonderful day it will be. OK just had to say that, everyone have a great day!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


So yesterday, started off like any other Sunday, playing with the kids, making breakfast, watching our Sunday morning program, getting the kids a nap, and then getting ready for church. Clayton and Madison got ready for church, while Grandon and I stayed home, because Grandon is sick, and needed to take a nap, which he had been fighting. So Clayton and Madison left, and Grandon went to sleep, and I laid down on the couch to rest and watch a little TV.

My neighbor came over and visited a little, and then she left, about 20-30 minutes later I heard the side door open, so I thought it was Blanca coming back, but she usually pops her head in and says something, well there was nothing, so I got up quietly and carefully, and saw that someone was trying to break in to our house, mind you Grandon is home asleep. So I yelled at them to get out, so they turned around and ran out of the garage. About 1 1/2-2 hours later, we saw the police racing to the street behind us, they arrested 3 young teenagers in the act of breaking into two different houses, and while arresting those teenagers, they got a call for another break in at the front of our subdivision, and they arrested two more teenagers.

It's so sad that these boys felt the need to violate someone else's home, and to think that it's ok to take something that someone else has worked so hard for. It makes you wonder what kind of up bringing that these boys had. I'm just grateful that they weren't able to steal anything from my house, and hurt us. If Grandon hadn't been sick, then I wouldn't have been home to run them off, and no telling what they would have run off with then. On Friday we had three break in's and my neighbor was one of them, they stole her computer, and kicked in there front door. The police aren't sure if these are the same guys, or if there are two sets of them. We hope they are the same guys.

It was such a scary feeling, and my first instinct was to protect Grandon. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I ran them off. I didn't know if they had a gun or a weapon at all, but I knew that I had to face them, and get them out of my house, before they could have the chance to get into my house, and to Grandon. Clayton called about 20 minutes after it happened, and then he came home after I told him. I thank GOD for keeping Grandon and myself safe, but I also pray that those boys can find GOD in there lives, and seek forgiveness from him. We were angry at first, but now we are just doing what we need, to get us safe, and taking extra safety precautions.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


OK, today I went and met with my surgeon, and April 21st is the big day, I will be getting my Gallbladder out...YUCK...I'm so nervous and scared, I've need had surgery before, the most I've been in a hospital is to give birth to my kiddos, and that was a walk in the park...haha...My surgery is at 9:30 in the morning, wish me luck, and pray that all goes well and that there isn't any complications. With our luck you never know, what could happen. I've heard that this is an easy surgery, but I've also heard that it's one of the worst, so I don't know what to think or believe. Clayton is so stressed over it too. He's never had to take care of the kids 100% by himself, so he is trying to recruit as many people as he can to help him, he's such a baby! I mean come on is this just a guy thing or what? He's already complaining, "I'm going to have to cook dinner, watch the kids, and keep the house clean all by myself?" I told him uh ya I do it everyday, not to mention that when he had his vasectomy I did it all by myself for three days while he laid on the couch with my mom's laptop. He's so spoiled, but I suppose that's one of the many reason that I love him so much. OK, so now I'm just kinda venting so I'll go for now, I'll keep everyone updated, wish me luck and pray for me, also call and give Clayton a hard time he needs it. It's good for his health.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So, we do a NCAA Bracket every year with Clayton's family, and it's so much fun, we really enjoy it. I was doing SOOOO good this year, till Memphis let me down BIG time last night! So needless to say I lost by 1 point 1 point, oh I was so disappointed, but I lost to my wonderful brother-in-law who I love oh so much, RYAN, which I'm sure he did a happy dance! So hat's off to you Ryan, you picked it right. Congraulations now you have to go take Jess out to a very nice dinner before she has that baby, and remember there is always next year!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Potty Training!!!

So Grandon is offically two years old now! WOW, where did the time go??? I just gave birth to my little baby. So we are trying to get this potty training business going, and it seems like everytime we take one step forward he takes ten steps back ughhh!!! Is it like this for everyone or just us? We are so ready to get him on the "Big Boy Potty" with two in diapers it's not always easy! I know I know it's our fault right, we shouldn't of had them so close together, why should I complain???? It's like half the time he really knows what's going on, but then the other half of the time he has no clue, am I doing this to early??? He seems ready, but is he really? If he was talking maybe that would make it easier, but he says his few English words, and then everything else is in "Grandon Language" I need a TRANSLATER!!!! Oh well I guess we'll figure it out sooner or later right? I guess we'll just keep cracking at it alittle more every day, and then it'll just happen one day, he'll go all day long without coming to us! Why do they grow up so fast??? We want them to grow up, but I think part of us always want them to stay our little babies forever!
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So here we are on another site, like we haven't joined all the silly sites out there to keep in touch with the world that lives outside our 30 mile radius. We are new to this, so give us time and pointers on how to navigate through it all. Without the wonderful world of the Internet how would we stay in touch with everyone? Oh wait, we'd have to go back 15 years into time, and be more personable but I don't for see that happening, So I suppose this is better then nothing right?