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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Potty Training!!!

So Grandon is offically two years old now! WOW, where did the time go??? I just gave birth to my little baby. So we are trying to get this potty training business going, and it seems like everytime we take one step forward he takes ten steps back ughhh!!! Is it like this for everyone or just us? We are so ready to get him on the "Big Boy Potty" with two in diapers it's not always easy! I know I know it's our fault right, we shouldn't of had them so close together, why should I complain???? It's like half the time he really knows what's going on, but then the other half of the time he has no clue, am I doing this to early??? He seems ready, but is he really? If he was talking maybe that would make it easier, but he says his few English words, and then everything else is in "Grandon Language" I need a TRANSLATER!!!! Oh well I guess we'll figure it out sooner or later right? I guess we'll just keep cracking at it alittle more every day, and then it'll just happen one day, he'll go all day long without coming to us! Why do they grow up so fast??? We want them to grow up, but I think part of us always want them to stay our little babies forever!
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