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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As promised....an update on Grandon...After many months of an emotional roller coaster ride, we can finally stop the ride and get off!!!!

Grandon had his MRI this morning, with his doctor's appointment following. The emotions were really high this morning, as we walked into yet another pre-op room, I had flash backs of my 3 month old little boy getting ready for his first surgery. I figured that by now that this would get easier, but I realized that the 5th time around really isn't the charm. I can say with all assurety that, the process will NEVER get easier.

We got Grandon in his hospital gown, they gave him some versed to help calm him down (kinda makes him feel like he's had 3 too many) and then it was IV time. This is where you learn just exactly how strong Grandon is, I know this from the many times I've had to hold him down for his shots, Clayton on the other hand hadn't had to witness this. That is seriously one of the hardest things to do as a mother, hold your son down so an IV can be put in him, especially when he isn't grasping all the details. After wiping away many tears and singing a few Jesus songs, he calmed down, night night medicine went in him and he was out.

Now it was time for the part that makes me break down each time, going left when they are going right. Every time I stand there and watch them wheel away my baby, the tears come out, I know it's coming, I know it's going to happen, but every time I cry. (Clayton usually holds me real tight and lets me cry it out and say this isn't fair, then we move on)

The MRI took about an hour with recovery taking about 45 minutes. We left the hospital and went right over to the doctors office. A huge weight was lifted off our shoulders when the doc said, that everything looked good and clear. No signs of damage, no masses showing up, and blood vessels seem to be working properly. Our prayers truly have been answered, from our understanding, there is only like a 5% chance that with Grandon's eye condition that it comes out good news.

Still trying to wake up from the "night night" medicine

So what does this mean....well Grandon suffers from chronic migraines (he gets to thank his mommy for that), he will be going on a medication regimen in hopes that we can get them under control, so he isn't living in pain everyday due to them. Once we have them under control we can get maintenance going, which hopefully that combined with growing, will correct his pupil size difference.

The power of prayer is so amazing, and we thank everyone who offered up prayers on Grandon's behalf and Clayton and I's. Grandon is such a blessing to us and everyone he's ever met, I couldn't imagine not having him just the way he is, he's perfect!