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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grandon Pictures

 A friend of ours from church has his own photography studio and did back to school pictures for Grandon! I thought I would share them all with you, if you see one you would like a print of please tell me which picture and size. Check out David Campos at saveamemory.com!

Back to school!!!

The school routine has been a fairly common one for our family, since Grandon has been in pre-K since he was 3, but some how that isn't quit the same as KINDERGARTEN!!! Yesterday was the mark of a new chapter in his little life, and for mommy as well. I was full of all kinds of emotions, so was Grandon, after a rough start that morning (not liking having to get up while it's still dark out, plus he had a rough night) we got out the door, and to school, good thing for us it's only a 2 min drive. 

Lucky, for me I still have Madison home for another 5 days before she starts pre-K4. Her being there to experience Grandon's first day of school, really helped her out, plus it helped keep this mommy in check with her emotions, I'm a firm believer in upholding a strong front for my kids, and then losing it at night in Clayton's arm. I'm the one those kids count on, rely on, and I need them to know that mommy will always be strong for them. Plus if Grandon saw me lose it, then, he would and it would of been a HUGE mess!!!

 Cheesy Grin
 Still cheesy!!
 One for the books
With his teacher

Can't forget one with sister

Saying goodbye, nope not goodbye...see you later!!!

He looks so big and grown up! His teacher is super nice, and we look forward to a year with Mrs. Dominguez!