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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make a bubble...

Too cute for words!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Grandon!!!

I threw Grandon his birthday party early, because we have a wedding to attend the Sat. after his actual birthday.

The theme this year was all things baseball, we had a good all American baseball party! Great friends, great food, and great memories!!! I think the only thing I lacked from this "Take me out to the ball game" was peanuts, but had the cracker jacks!!!

Since it was all Take me out to the Ball Game theme, I served hot dogs, nachos, with all the fixings to go with it. After the food was being served the back yard really smelled like we were at a ball game, we plan on taking the kids to a MLB game this summer!!!

I still can't believe that Grandon is 4 years old boy how time flies!!! I still remember giving birth to him and all the surgeries that little guy had to go through in his first year of life!!!

Enjoy all the pictures....

Shirts that I had made, Madison calls Grandon...Gan Gen so that's our team name

The guest enjoying the party

The back of mine and Clayton's shirt...They say it all....

I thought this was too cute, Grandon with his friend from school Hope.

Only the cutest sign that my really good friend Sharon helped me make...Thanks Sharon!!!

Popcorn Station

The Candy station sign

Here is part of the candy station and the lollipop tree, I loved how it came out

Grandon's baseball that I had the guest sign

I'm in love with the way the cupcakes, the cupcake tower, and the four came out! Clayton made the tower he did such a good job, his degree comes in handy from time to time, he also figured out how to get the four on the top, I made the cupcakes, and Sharon make the #4 sign!!!

T-Ball Practice

One of the main things that Grandon has been begging to do for the last year is play t-ball, but the only problem has been trying to find a league that would allow 4 year olds to play.

The day has finally come that I found that league and Grandon just had his very first practice and he LOVED it.

I was so proud of him he did so good. He listened to his coach, did everything they asked him to, and didn't chase his shadow like Peter Pan!

We got a few pictures and a few videos check them out below:

Look at that hit!!!Getting ready to hit the ballThrowing to his coach

Here Grandon is running from 1st base to 2nd base all I could do was laugh!!!

Poor guy didn't know what to do!!!


Welcome back blog world, I have taken a much needed break from just about all my online avenues. But I'm back and have much to catch up on!!!

On the 17th Grandon will officially be 4 years old! My brother got him the cutest early birthday present.

He provided us with the newest member of the Cox family, her name is princess, she is two years old, mostly white with a tiger tail, and the best cat we could ever ask for.

If you can't tell one of her favorite places to hang out is in the sink!!!