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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Wife Tip #2

Hello all yet once again! Here is the Good Wife Tip for the week: "A Recipe for Success" Just as it would be unthinkable to serve frozen TV dinners or re-heated leftovers to an honored guest, these offering should not be considered acceptable dinner fare for the man you adore. Give him a hearty home-cooked meal- one that's prepared from scratch and seasoned with love. The hours you spend over a hot stove will be repaid in full when he eagerly asks for seconds! Hope you enjoy tip # 2, I don't know about you, but Clayton gets leftovers...LOL

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good Wife Tip #1

Clayton bought me this book called "The Good Wife Guide" and there are 19 hysterically funny tips on how to be a good wife. It shows what such great humor he has. He thought it would be a good idea for me to share these tips with you, so once a week I'll post a new tip, please find the humor in it as we did, and feel free to share with everyone you know, it's good for a great laugh.

Good Wife Tip #1:

"A Wife's Duty"

A man's house is HIS castle and as such, he ought to be treated like a KING. When he returns home from a demanding eight hours on the job (or more!), he rightfully deserves a bit of pampering. It's every wife's responsibility to dote upon her hard-working spouse, to show that he is truly appreciated!

Hope you enjoy the tip of the week!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Had Some Catching Up To Do...

Just in case you couldn't tell we hadn't posted anything in awhile, We've spent more time trying to make our blog look pretty then actually posting something, so I got some energy, and posted five blogs at one time, sorry if it takes 20 minutes to read them all, and get all caught up on what's been going on in our corner of the world, but I promise they are worth reading, and have some great and really cute pictures to go with them. Enjoy miss and love everyone! Love, Clayton and Tiffany

Bacon is the NEW Phone...

Only my family would have such a wonderful time eating breakfest. I'm not so sure just how much eating was done, but hey we have a good time with it. Every morning Grandon crawls into bed with me after Daddy has left for work, and he calls his Oma (my mother). Well since daddy was home because it's the weekend, he didn't do his normal M-F routine. As we are eating our eggs and bacon, Grandon takes his bacon unfolds it, and puts it to his ear, and starts saying "Hello Oma, Oma? Hello?" He was having a conversation with his bacon like it was a phone. We laughed so hard, and thought it was really cute, because Grandon has made the newest, hippest, phone to have called "The Bacon Phone" Clayton started making fun of him, and started to play with his food, and use it as a phone as well. Madison on the other hand pretty much looked at the two of them like they were idiots (she's pretty good at that), and simply just stuck her tongue out at them, but what was funny about that is she had egg on the end of her tongue. OH, what a wonderful start for a Saturday morning.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Going potty is a GAME...

OK, So I don't know if it's just our wonderful son, or if at some point in time we all deal with this? I'm sure your thinking to yourself hmm where is she going with this? Well we have our whole bedtime routine, we do bath, read book, play around for a bit, take our vitamins, and then it's time to crawl in bed and go night night. Doesn't seem like a bad routine, right? We get Madison in bed, and then it's time for Grandon to get all snuggled in, but for the last week or so after we have him tucked in, and awe're fixing to leave his room he starts to yell, "MAMA I GOTTA POO-POO" for the first 3 nights he did have to poop, he really had to go poo-poo, but for the past week it's just his little game, and when we put him on the potty he doesn't go poo-poo, he's just playing around, he plays hide-n-go seek he hides behind the shower curtain, and we have to seek him, or he is playing peek-a-boo. Whatever the game is he's NOT going potty. So we put him back in bed, and for then next 15 minutes he'll keep yelling it! Does this happen at some point in time for everyone, or do I just have a weird child, who uses the potty as away of getting out of going to bed? Who would rather sit on a potty then lay in a comfy bed, I mean really???

Asthma is NO fun...

Madison has been sick with this yucky cold/virus stuff that has been going around, so about two or three nights ago the poor little one had yet again, another asthma attack. Which if you have a child with asthma you know how scary it can get, you tend to not freak out, but get worried about just a little cough then most would. Unfortunately with Madison hers comes on very fast, so I've gotta be right on top of things, so it doesn't get to the point where I'm having to make an ER trip at 2 in the morning. So while we were giving her, her treatments the other night at midnight, she needed to take a break, because she HATES them. She has to wear a face mask, that is hooked up to a plastic pipe type thing, that has a plastic cord that goes from that to the machine, and the machine itself is loud, and I'm sure pretty scary for her, so because all of this we let her have breaks, one treatment takes about 20 minutes if done non-stop. So while she was having her break, we were thinking of ways to entertain her and get her mind off of her treatment, so we got the camera out and took some pictures of our OVER tired little girl.

Baseball Shirts and Mama's Tennis Shoes...

I'm pretty sure by now the whole world knows that there are three things Grandon is pretty much in love with (besides his mama, Dada, meme, Oma, papa, and uncle David, but mama is his favorite): #1. Thomas the Choo-Choo Train #2. Airplanes and more Airplanes and #3. Baseball, Baseball, and some more Baseball. So since Clayton and I played on a co-ed Softball team this past summer, we had team shirts, that had what else, but a baseball on it. My shirt became Grandon's best friend, he took naps with, he slept in it, he loved to wear it around the house, but there was just one thing missing. You can't wear a baseball shirt 10 sizes to big, and not wear the tennis shoes that are 10 sizes to big also, and not to mention HOT pink!!! So since I've finally been able to pry the shirt off and away from Grandon it's now hidden so he can't spend every waking moment of his life with it, I know I know I'm a mean mom to take away something as silly as a shirt, but let me tell ya, I just couldn't hear one more sentence about that freaking shirt, and who do I have to thank for that CLAYTON who first put the shirt on Grandon, Thanks Clayton!

I may be little but I can read!!!

So a couple of nights ago, we were just hanging out as a family, and our cute little girl decides that she is old enough to read, and grabs Grandon's book and climbs up on my lap, and starts to read to us, but being the little diva she is she also thought that she needed to take pictures of herself while she's reading. Then the next day after we got back from church she decides she wants to read again, so she climbs up on the chair with her book, and starts reading it in her own little Madison language, and Clayton thought it was great, and took some pictures of her doing it. We thought it was so cute we wanted to share it with everyone, and if you look real close, you'll also see that she is very talented, because she can even read her books up side down.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Batter Up!!!

OK, So Clayton took this video of Grandon, and he is SOOO proud of it. He thinks everyone should look at it, and then call him and tell him how much they love it. Clayton is very proud of himself on teaching Grandon how to play baseball, and he is very proud of Grandon, for learning and picking it up so fast. He works with him every night, and they have so much fun together. Grandon is truly a sports boy, and if Clayton gets his way, Grandon will be playing every sport from Football to Golf. I love watching the two of them bond together, so get a few laughs, because it really is a cute video, and share it with everyone you know, and make sure to give Clayton some kudos not that his ego needs the boost or anything.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Support McCain!!!

This video from you tube was sent to me, and it really touched me, but it also explains one of the many reasons why Clayton and I have chosen to support McCain and Palin. It's about 2 minutes long, it's worth watching.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bugs and Creatures of the Night

So what an eventful night we've had tonight. The evening started out normal, we were in the front yard hanging out playing with the kids before dinner, Clayton and Grandon were playing baseball in the front yard, when Clayton hit the ball in the tree, and Grandon went running after it, luckily Clayton was paying attention, and saw something fall from one branch to the lower branch, and ran after Grandon, when he got to Grandon, he was standing underneath what we just realized was a wasp nest, the size of a birds nest, we all went inside, and ate dinner, put the kids to bed, and then were like OK we have to deal with the wasp nest. So Clayton goes outside with my hairspray, and a bucket of soapy water to kill them. Soon Clayton realizes that this isn't just a 20 or so wasp nest, no it's more like 300 wasp, but the good sport he is kills most of them, and comes out with only two stings, but 4 of them followed him into the garage, so I suggest get the fly swatter and kill them that way, so that's what he does, after he's killed the four that followed him, he walks out of the garage to make sure there weren't anymore coming after him, and that's when he stops dead in his tracks, because instead of wasp being there, he is greeted by none other than... a diamondback rattlesnake....
I am terrified by snakes, I couldn't believe that this was happening to us, so now Clayton's mission goes from wasp killer to snake killer, so how does Clayton manage to kill this horrific creature??? He takes one of my boxes of tile and throws it on top of the snake, which you would think that would do the trick and kill it right? WRONG!!! It pokes it's ugly little head out from underneath the tile, so now my creative husband, grabs the shelve, and decapitates it's head off, and mind you Clayton thinks this is way cool, and that we need photographs throughout the whole experience, so I was only so kind to include them so you can all witness what I had to, mind you my heart was racing, I'm pretty sure I had a mild heartache or stroke, and was about to start hysterically crying. Snakes are differently one creature that GOD could have done without.
So needless to say our perfectly normal evening turned out to be one full of adventures that I would have been just fine with out going through. Oh not to mention that he went to check on the bucket of soapy water, because that's where the wasp nest is in, and what happens he gets stung again! My poor husband, thanks for being so brave, and protecting your family from the bugs and creatures of the night that want to attack us!!!!