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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bacon is the NEW Phone...

Only my family would have such a wonderful time eating breakfest. I'm not so sure just how much eating was done, but hey we have a good time with it. Every morning Grandon crawls into bed with me after Daddy has left for work, and he calls his Oma (my mother). Well since daddy was home because it's the weekend, he didn't do his normal M-F routine. As we are eating our eggs and bacon, Grandon takes his bacon unfolds it, and puts it to his ear, and starts saying "Hello Oma, Oma? Hello?" He was having a conversation with his bacon like it was a phone. We laughed so hard, and thought it was really cute, because Grandon has made the newest, hippest, phone to have called "The Bacon Phone" Clayton started making fun of him, and started to play with his food, and use it as a phone as well. Madison on the other hand pretty much looked at the two of them like they were idiots (she's pretty good at that), and simply just stuck her tongue out at them, but what was funny about that is she had egg on the end of her tongue. OH, what a wonderful start for a Saturday morning.