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Friday, September 19, 2008

Going potty is a GAME...

OK, So I don't know if it's just our wonderful son, or if at some point in time we all deal with this? I'm sure your thinking to yourself hmm where is she going with this? Well we have our whole bedtime routine, we do bath, read book, play around for a bit, take our vitamins, and then it's time to crawl in bed and go night night. Doesn't seem like a bad routine, right? We get Madison in bed, and then it's time for Grandon to get all snuggled in, but for the last week or so after we have him tucked in, and awe're fixing to leave his room he starts to yell, "MAMA I GOTTA POO-POO" for the first 3 nights he did have to poop, he really had to go poo-poo, but for the past week it's just his little game, and when we put him on the potty he doesn't go poo-poo, he's just playing around, he plays hide-n-go seek he hides behind the shower curtain, and we have to seek him, or he is playing peek-a-boo. Whatever the game is he's NOT going potty. So we put him back in bed, and for then next 15 minutes he'll keep yelling it! Does this happen at some point in time for everyone, or do I just have a weird child, who uses the potty as away of getting out of going to bed? Who would rather sit on a potty then lay in a comfy bed, I mean really???


The Coxclan said...

Benji did the exact same thing, just trying to prolong his bedtime as long as possible. I had to take him anyway for the first little while because I was afraid he would wet the bed, but soon I figured out that I had to tell him he only gets one chance to go to the potty and that's it. Pretty soon he figured out he couldn't play his momma anymore. I don't know if that helps.