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Friday, September 19, 2008

Asthma is NO fun...

Madison has been sick with this yucky cold/virus stuff that has been going around, so about two or three nights ago the poor little one had yet again, another asthma attack. Which if you have a child with asthma you know how scary it can get, you tend to not freak out, but get worried about just a little cough then most would. Unfortunately with Madison hers comes on very fast, so I've gotta be right on top of things, so it doesn't get to the point where I'm having to make an ER trip at 2 in the morning. So while we were giving her, her treatments the other night at midnight, she needed to take a break, because she HATES them. She has to wear a face mask, that is hooked up to a plastic pipe type thing, that has a plastic cord that goes from that to the machine, and the machine itself is loud, and I'm sure pretty scary for her, so because all of this we let her have breaks, one treatment takes about 20 minutes if done non-stop. So while she was having her break, we were thinking of ways to entertain her and get her mind off of her treatment, so we got the camera out and took some pictures of our OVER tired little girl.