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Friday, September 19, 2008

Baseball Shirts and Mama's Tennis Shoes...

I'm pretty sure by now the whole world knows that there are three things Grandon is pretty much in love with (besides his mama, Dada, meme, Oma, papa, and uncle David, but mama is his favorite): #1. Thomas the Choo-Choo Train #2. Airplanes and more Airplanes and #3. Baseball, Baseball, and some more Baseball. So since Clayton and I played on a co-ed Softball team this past summer, we had team shirts, that had what else, but a baseball on it. My shirt became Grandon's best friend, he took naps with, he slept in it, he loved to wear it around the house, but there was just one thing missing. You can't wear a baseball shirt 10 sizes to big, and not wear the tennis shoes that are 10 sizes to big also, and not to mention HOT pink!!! So since I've finally been able to pry the shirt off and away from Grandon it's now hidden so he can't spend every waking moment of his life with it, I know I know I'm a mean mom to take away something as silly as a shirt, but let me tell ya, I just couldn't hear one more sentence about that freaking shirt, and who do I have to thank for that CLAYTON who first put the shirt on Grandon, Thanks Clayton!