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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bugs and Creatures of the Night

So what an eventful night we've had tonight. The evening started out normal, we were in the front yard hanging out playing with the kids before dinner, Clayton and Grandon were playing baseball in the front yard, when Clayton hit the ball in the tree, and Grandon went running after it, luckily Clayton was paying attention, and saw something fall from one branch to the lower branch, and ran after Grandon, when he got to Grandon, he was standing underneath what we just realized was a wasp nest, the size of a birds nest, we all went inside, and ate dinner, put the kids to bed, and then were like OK we have to deal with the wasp nest. So Clayton goes outside with my hairspray, and a bucket of soapy water to kill them. Soon Clayton realizes that this isn't just a 20 or so wasp nest, no it's more like 300 wasp, but the good sport he is kills most of them, and comes out with only two stings, but 4 of them followed him into the garage, so I suggest get the fly swatter and kill them that way, so that's what he does, after he's killed the four that followed him, he walks out of the garage to make sure there weren't anymore coming after him, and that's when he stops dead in his tracks, because instead of wasp being there, he is greeted by none other than... a diamondback rattlesnake....
I am terrified by snakes, I couldn't believe that this was happening to us, so now Clayton's mission goes from wasp killer to snake killer, so how does Clayton manage to kill this horrific creature??? He takes one of my boxes of tile and throws it on top of the snake, which you would think that would do the trick and kill it right? WRONG!!! It pokes it's ugly little head out from underneath the tile, so now my creative husband, grabs the shelve, and decapitates it's head off, and mind you Clayton thinks this is way cool, and that we need photographs throughout the whole experience, so I was only so kind to include them so you can all witness what I had to, mind you my heart was racing, I'm pretty sure I had a mild heartache or stroke, and was about to start hysterically crying. Snakes are differently one creature that GOD could have done without.
So needless to say our perfectly normal evening turned out to be one full of adventures that I would have been just fine with out going through. Oh not to mention that he went to check on the bucket of soapy water, because that's where the wasp nest is in, and what happens he gets stung again! My poor husband, thanks for being so brave, and protecting your family from the bugs and creatures of the night that want to attack us!!!!