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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So now that I've finally found the time to sit behind a computer again, I can let everyone know how my recovery has been. After the first pain killer didn't do a thing for me, Clayton picked up my new one from Walgreen's, then after taking that a few times we discovered that I'm allergic to it, breaking out in hives, itchy, and throwing up, isn't exactly what I wanted to add on top of my already extreme amount of pain.

So I went about three days with no pain killers at all, you are NOT suppose to recovery from surgery with NO meds that's not how it's suppose to happen. Clayton finally called the doctor and got me something that I'm not allergic to and that isn't a narcotic (I've discovered that I would make a horrible druggie good thing I'm not looking into that as a new profession or anything). Besides the worst pain I've ever felt, I'm slowly recovering.

I still can't drive or pick up the kids, which is hard since that's what I do day in and day out. I have to have someone babysit me everyday till the doctor releases me, which isn't an easy task for me. I hate having to depend on everyone else to take care of me and the kids, that's my job. Clayton has been a great husband and father through all of this though. he's really picked up the slack and taken care of me and the kids. I don't recommend that he go into the medical field though, nursing isn't a good calling for him, he needs to stick with the computers. Thanks to everyone for there continued thoughts and prayers we appreciate them and still need them. We miss and love everyone.