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Friday, December 12, 2008

Wassailfest 2008

OK, So every year we have this tradition where we go downtown New Braunfels, and walk around. They close off the streets of downtown so no cars are aloud, and all the little shops serve free wassail, what is this wassail you ask? It's sorta kind of like hot apple cider, it's a German tradition and we love to do it, we go with my parent's every year, and have a blast here are some pictures of our fun!

This is the Train track at the Railroad museum this thing was HUGE! Grandon LOVED it!

My mommy and daddy posing at one of the local shops on the plaza!

The court house all lit up, I think it looks soooo pretty!

A model train of Salt Lake City!

My dream house! I love this house, one day Clayton and I will build a house that looks like this!

Madison drinking Wassail!!!

My mom holding a wassailfest sign that her and Clayton dug out of the trash, aren't they gross?

Clayton and I in front of the Plumeyer Photography door!

Santa's sleigh dogs...

It was sooo cold that night, we had to bundle the kiddos up!