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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Saved the best for last!

As the ole sane goes "Save the best for last" so that's what I've done! This past Saturday, downtown San Antonio had a train show, and of course we just had to take Grandon, what kind of parent's would we have been if we didn't! They had a Thomas the train ride, and tons of trains, just take a look for your self!!!

OK so these trains were totally cool, the whole thing is made completely out of Legos! Top and Bottom pictures!

Grandon Standing with Thomas! He's Dressed as the Conductor so he needs to be at the head of the Train!

All the cousins riding Thomas together,Trevor,Leeander,Madison,
Taylor, and Grandon. The last kid wasn't with us.

Grandon and Daddy

It was so cool, Thomas's tank even blew steam out of the top!

This was a painting that one of the vendors there had, and I totally love it, I wish I had talent like that, I would so try to paint something similar! Just in case you aren't from Texas that is in Austin downtown, you can see the capitol in the back.

This is all the kids riding the Train!!!