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Saturday, October 24, 2009

50th Birthday Party!!!

On Tuesday October 6th my real dad turned 50. We all purposefully forgot his birthday, because we had secretly planned a surprise party for him on that Saturday. We planned the party for months and with the help of my family we were able to have a very successful surprise party.

My dad had no clue what so ever! He cried when he came in and we sang happy birthday to him, he then cried when he was presented with the picture that I recruited my sister in law to paint for us, thanks so much Heidi, he LOVED it!!!

A friend of mine from church made his cake which was just amazing!!! Thank you so much Sara!!!

The cake Sara Made

The other side of the cake

Father and Son

Husband and Wife

Father and Daughter

The wonderful picture Heidi made

The setup

The banner

Waiting for him to get there