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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lapband Update....

So as promised, here I am with another update! Before I update y'all on the latest, I want to take some time to thank everyone. If your a little confused just keep reading and you'll get unconfused.

When I first started posting about my Lapband journey, I had asked everyone to please give me their thoughts, comments, and suggestions. Many of you have done that in your own way, Clayton and I want to thank you for all your questions and concerns.

Although we might not see eye to eye with everyone, that's okay. We have read each and everyone of your comments/emails. We have taken the time to research the other alternatives that have been suggested. In the end, we have chosen to continue on the Lapband journey. We both feel that this is what's best for us.

We do respect every ones personal feelings on the matter, however, we now ask that y'all respect our decision to go through with this journey. Starting today, I/We (It will be hard for Clayton and the kids as well) need nothing but support from our family and friends.

If you feel that this just isn't something you can support us on, that is fine and you have that right, but from here on out, please keep it to yourself, as it will only be counter-productive.

We officially have a surgery date now:

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009.

Starting October 21st, 2009 I will have to start an all liquid diet and will be on that till the day of surgery, and the 3-4 weeks after surgery.

We are very excited about all of this, and we both feel that this couldn't come at a better time in our lives. As with any surgery there are always RISKS! We encourage everyone to learn and read up about the lapband, it has changed so much since it has come out a few years ago. If you're interested in learning more please check out: www.lapband.com

One thing we want to HIGHLY stress is this: I am NOT having the Gastric Bypass!!!
The lapband surgery is nothing at all like the Gastric surgery!!! The only thing that is similar is you lose weight with both.

So that is our latest update!


Tanielle said...

Good luck! I look forward to finding out how everything is going! You'll be in my thoughts. And by the way your kids are just gorgeous!!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I will be following you blog to see you on your journey. I am glad you have chosen what you think best suites you. Good Luck, you can do it.

Wanted to also say HI and thank you for joining Georgie and I for Secret Santa.