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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Mircle named Grandon...

Your first born always has a special place in every mother's heart. Grandon is no different for me. He taught me so many things that I never even knew I was missing out on! Motherhood is such a wonderful and joyous club to be a part of. A club I never thought I EVER wanted to be a part of.

I've always loved kids just never thought I'd have my own kids. Through all the surgeries and complications we've gone through with Grandon, we've learned more patients then ever thought to be learned, we learned to be grateful and count our blessings. Both our children are blessings to us and the most wonderful gifts we could ever get!

Even though we would love to have more kids, Heavenly Father had other plans for us! So I guess we'll just have to take the two we've got ;)!!!!


Xazmin said...

He is so seriously adorable! What a sweetie. And I am so proud of you for the weight loss too! It's something I'm still working on myself, but have definitely made progress and it feels so good!

Paradise said...

Congratuations on your weight lost.
I'm sure that you feel great!!!

Paradise said...

Your family picture is great!!!!!
The slide shows of your kids are wonderful, too. Well done.

Angie S said...

I am so glad you found Crystal...she does amazing work! Your kiddos are so cute and look like little sweeties!

Have a great week!

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