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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update...........Half Tees

Okay so first let me start off by saying I know and understand that I haven't blogged at ALL this week!

Both kids started school this week, it was Madison's first year, and let's just say it didn't go as well as we had planned and talked about. Madison had a total melt down, which led into mommy having a total break down!

We made it, we survived the first week of school....YAY!!!!!!!!


So I made a post a few weeks back about a party that I am having, called Half Tees!

What's so great about this party is that you can live anywhere and I mean ANYWHERE and still buy from the party!

Starting tomorrow (Friday)...you can buy from this party online and get the party deal just make sure at checkout you use this promo code: TIFFANYCOXPARTY and make sure it's in all caps or it won't work!

The basics are 2/$24....normally 2/$26
The long sleeved are 2/$20....normally 2/$24
~The XL white, black, and brown are out of stock right now (for long sleeve), sorry :(

Hope lots of you find this an awesome product and love it!


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