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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Family Pictures

Back in mid October, my mom paid for all 17 of us to have family pictures done, a sweet friend of ours from church, just happens to take the most amazing pictures EVER, check her out at Delightful Dimples and set up a photo shoot with her!

We had 2 hours to work with for a group shot of 17 people and then to break down into 5 families, that's a lot to process, but not to worry, Britni was there! She was awesome at getting great pictures and working with the time frame we had.

We will always be getting our family pictures done from her!

Enjoy a few of my favorites, and these are just a few, there are seriously about a 100 that I LOVE!

Mommy couldn't get her as high as daddy could

I love the walking away, but yet looking at each other

The only picture of my brothers and I as adults

This is so sweet, and if you look real close you can see a tear on his eyelash

I told ya Daddy could throw her higher

Mommy and her precious daughter!

From time to time, I can get him to kiss me in public

We are meant for each other!

My ALL time favorite of him and I, and he HATES this picture!!!

My wonderful family!