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Friday, November 12, 2010

What's the Daily Today?

So if you a reader of my little blog than you know that for awhile I was featuring a new blog everyday! As much as I enjoy doing that, my time just doesn't allow for me to do a feature everyday, so I will be doing one every week!

I LOVE letting y'all know about new blogs, they can lead to other blogs, and some great ideas! Now if you are a reader of my blog, then you should notice that I re-designed it! Yes, I know it's a bit early for the whole Christmas background, but I just couldn't wait any longer!!!

So, you are asking yourself, those are just the cutest pictures of her family, and where did she have them done??? Well it's your lucky day, because I am featuring the photographer that took our family pictures today!

Her name is Britni Call and she is the owner of Delightful Dimples!!! She has amazing talent and is great with people, and kids!!! She lives in New Braunfels, and does work in Hill Country area as well as the Gilmer area!!!

She is very reasonable and I recommend her to anyone! So look her up, give her a call, send her an email, and setup your photo shoot, before it's too late! Remember Christmas is right around the corner, and pictures ALWAYS make the perfect gift!

And don't forget to tell her I sent you her way!

*If you would like for your blog to be featured on "What's The Daily Today?" then please send me an email: tlcox4@gmail.com*