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Monday, January 26, 2009

Yes, we still are alive!

So it's been what seems like forever since I've posted a blog on here! We have been so busy, and the kids and I got the flu about a week or so ago, and we were out of commission for about a week and a half. We were so sick and laid up in bed, needless to say it was not fun at all. The kids got medicine that helped there symptoms go away, but like the story of my life I was allergic to the medicine, so I had to tough it out.

Beside being sick with the flu, we have been packing away our house. We have finally signed the contract, and our house goes up for sale this week! We are so excited, and hope that we can sale the house quickly. We are very ready to move on with life, we are sad to see our first house go, but so ready to move on. Wish us luck!

Our lovely daughter decided to flood our spare bathroom the other day so that was super fun to clean up! Grandon is starting to talk up a storm, and really understands everything that is going on around him. Clayton and I are both on diets, yes I got Clayton to do Weight Watchers! GO CLAYTON! As well as doing Weight Watchers, I joined in with Jess in her biggest loser challenge. I hope to see great results with it, wish me luck!

Well that's about all for our family, hope everyone else is doing great!


Xazmin said...

What a beautiful family you have! Did you take the photos in your side bar? I LOVE them!

Clayton and Tiffany said...

Only the pictures of the kids, not the other ones, I'm not that good!