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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bedrock City

So we are on our road trip to Utah, after a long 16 hours on the road we made our pit stop in Sedona, AZ. Clayton's mom was sweet enough to let us use her time share, and stay at the Golf Resort in Sedona. This place is very nice and very pretty.

So since we had the room for two nights we decided to take advantage of it, and do somethings that we never get to see or do. I was watching an episode of Kendra on E! and when they were driving to the Grand Canyon they stopped in this place called Bedrock City. It was so cool, it's where the Flintstones live.

Since we just happened to be down the road a little bit we had to go. We got to eat at Fred's Diner, see his and Barney's house, ride the train into a volcano, and so many other cool Flintstones things. We also have the pleasure of bringing our niece with us Myriah, she has also had just as much fun and is a great help with the kids.