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Friday, November 27, 2009

Holey Donuts Batman!!!

So after reading a friends blog I found out about this great company called Holey Donuts! They are low fat Gourmet Donuts, yes you read that right LOW FAT DONUTS!!! It doesn't or can't get any better than that, right? WRONG!!!

If you have a family like mine where you have to be very aware of product labels due to allergies, then apparently it does get better!!! My family is sensitive and allergic to milk products, well guess what, there is NO and I repeat NO milk products at all in any of there products, where have these people been my husband entire adult life, do I sense Christmas present for my ever so donut lover husband, hmmmm???

Anyways go check them out, tell them I referred you and enjoy, make sure you put down Tiffany Cox in the heard about from a friend section when you create your own account!



mellisarock said...

Those look YUMMY!! I might have to order some donuts after trying their cinnamon rolls!!

Lynette said...

I adore Holey Donuts and have 3 boxes in my freezer right now. YUM!