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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cold and Bored, hmmm....

So, when the rare years of an actual cold winter hits us here in south Texas, we don't usually tend to take our kids outside, because we are a bunch of whimps! Nothing wrong with that, maybe if we lived in Alaska we'd be able to handle our 40 degree weather just a little better.

So this past Monday the kids and I stayed home and just relaxed, we didn't go anywhere and didn't do anything, till about 10:30, then we were house bound and got dressed and left. Before we got house bound though, my very creative and active kids decide they wanted to build a fort in the living room.

I remember building forts as a kid and it was so much fun, a tradition that should always be carried on! I encourage all fort building in my house for young and old!!! For it being there first time ever building a fort I think they did a pretty darn good job, and this is with no help from me!!!

What do you think?

If you look closely at the first picture you can see little legs under there, so cute!!!


Lynette said...

oh I would crawl into that fort. especially since it has been unseasonable cold here in Texas. YUCK!