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Saturday, December 19, 2009

First Adjustment/Fill...

This past Tuesday I went in for my first adjustment/fill for my LapBand, basically they tighten my band. The picture above pretty much explains how it all works, they take a needle filled with saline and insert it into my port to tight the band.

I was really nervous about getting my first fill. More nervous because I didn't know how it would fill, what to expect, or anything.

Everything went great with the expectation of me fainting and falling off the table onto the floor, knocking the cup of water out of my surgeons hand having him spill it all over me, and waking up laying on his floor with my mother, my daughter, and my doctor all looking over me.

I'm sure your asking yourself, why did I faint, well one reason is nerves, I couldn't get them in check as well as I thought I could, second, because the nerves in my stomach were messed with during the fill (which is normal) all my blood supply went to my stomach so when I sat up I didn't have any in my head and that causes you to faint.

I pretty much laughed at the whole thing, I'm used to be the one who all the weird things happen to, it's just pretty much me! I'm okay and nothing is hurt or harmed, I've been doing good since the fill, just trying to figure everything food wise out again, i.e. how much I can eat, what foods I can handle and which I cant, and etc.

Since Tuesday I've lost another 3 pounds and I'm almost to my post-Grandon, pre- Madison weight, that's a great feeling! I can't wait till I'm under 200!!! I'll continue to keep the updates coming!!!


Lynette said...

your so brave
i am terrified to do the surgery
and yes i would faint too

started off good this year with exercise and diet....lost 30 lbs....now have put back on 10 of it in the last 3 months.

lost my groove and need to get it back