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Friday, December 18, 2009

i-Cento Christmas Program

Last night Grandon had his first Christmas program with his school. They all had to wear Santa hats, and have been practicing three different Christmas songs that they made up and put together. You could hardly hear them on the stage cause they all got so shy, but they were so cute up there.

It's been so much fun watching Grandon grow this past year in school, he has learned so much and has improved on so many different levels. He loves school and never wants to leave when I go pick him up. Madison can't wait for her turn to start school, and neither can mommy, I'm ready for two days with NO kids what so ever!!!

The stage all ready to go

Singing "Ring, Ring, Ring, The Bells"

Singing "Ring, Ring, Ring, The Bells"

Singing "Twirling Christmas is here"