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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Park Day!

I guess one of the best things about living in a sunny state is you get to be outside a lot! Even if it's over a 100 degrees outside (which it can STOP being a 100 and over, FALL you may come now).

My mom, bro, and all 7 grandkids went to Landa Park (one of my favorites) to take a picture of all the grandkids together for my mom. We did a picnic lunch, a lot of playing on the playgrounds, tree climbing, and swing jumping! I LOVE hanging out with my bro (Daniel) we have so much fun together!

After playing around like a bunch of monkeys, we were off to feed the ducks old bread, it's their favorite! We happen to meet a beaver? No, River Rat?, No, Nutrient? While honestly we aren't sure, I don't think it was a beaver, because it didn't have the paddle tail. Whatever it was, it was very friendly, I tried my best to talk Daniel into picking it up, but he chickened out when it came up to him!

After exploring, whatever creature it was and feeding the ducks, we went and did my kids and I favorite part of the park, the TRAIN!!!!

By time we were done with the train we were beyond hot, so we went and cooled down with sundaes at McDonald's. Then back to my mom's house for a dip in the pool. I'm pretty sure my kids over did it, Madison wasn't 100% back to being better, and by the end of the day she was starting to feel yucky again, and now Grandon has got "whatever it is."

Anyways, enough rambling, all in all we had a great day and it was tons of fun! Tomorrow is Friday, which is piano lessons day,the kids are really liking piano lessons! After lessons it's our chili day at home!


All the kiddos

Dan and I

Daniel just jumped off the swing

A really good picture of Daniel and I