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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Starting over...

Instead of posting ten blogs to update y'all on life I'm just going to start over, yes that means you will have missed out on a few things in our life, but I think we will all be okay.

I can't believe that this past St. Patrick's Day (17th) my baby turned 5, how can he be 5 already? It's so amazing how fast they grow, Grandon will be starting Kindergarten this coming up school year, he's really ready but mommy not so much.

He's excited to be in speech as well, I was worried he'd be nervous about having to be in speech, but he really has fun with Miss Kelly so I think it'll be good for him!

We had an awesome birthday party for his 5th birthday, he picked out "Batman" for his party theme! He got so many awesome gifts from some awesome friends!

We also got a new edition to the family for his birthday, a bunny which can you guess what he named him??? Wait for it.....wait....ready??? Have you guessed it yet???