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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A few thoughts...

Our family has been hit with our fair share of trials over the years, we've always gotten through them with our faith, our love in God, and the support of our family. I'm convinced that I'm being punished for my horrible youth, I'm sure that's not the truth and that Heavenly Father has many lessons he wants me to learn, and apparently I'm a slow learner.

I rarely post a blog solely on the topic of either of my kids, I usually keep it to pictures, family outings, or DIY how too's, but not this time. I've always used writing as a way of releasing, letting go of the "bad mojo", just cleansing my soul.

If you're a close friend or family member then you all know Grandon's story and the miracle he truly is to all of us, if you haven't had the chance to read his story, then I encourage you to go read it, here.

Recently, Grandon has been diagnosed with a condition called Anisocoria, is a condition characterized by an unequal size of the pupils. This is something that rarely occurs or pops up in children especially at the age of 6. Once Grandon was diagnosed with this our process of getting an appointment made with a pediatric neurologist started, and not to mention the build up of many emotions and nerves!

After our consultation today with Dr. Seals we are now on a elimination course to figure out the cause of this condition. The good news is that Grandon isn't showing any signs of a brain tumor, hydrocephalus, or aneurysm. Of course without any MRI we can't 100% rule any of those out.

The doctor thinks that he might be suffering from A typical migraines, for the next two weeks he will be on a strict diet intake, and we will have to document everything he eats, every times he gets a headache, he can't have certain foods or drinks. We will then go back in 2 weeks to see if this shows any improvements, if it doesn't then we will move onto step 2.

Our emotions have been so high, and this helps calm the nerves a bit, but I guess the mom part of me wanted/wants a more black and white answer. Waiting has always killed me, but when it's your baby it's harder. I'm not sure what step 2 will involve if we have to move onto step 2, but part of me wants an MRI done like tomorrow, I just want that here is the pictures of his brain there is nothing there.

I know Heavenly Father has a plan for Grandon, me and my family, I also know that I don't always understand his plan. I just hate that Grandon has to go through yet another medical obstacle in his life, part of me wants to play the whole it's not fair card, scream, cry, throw things, and have a huge fit, but I know I can't break down and I must stay strong for my family.

I'll be even more relieved when this is all said and done and everything is confirmed that Grandon is 100% healthy.



Kim Gibbins said...

Good to hear "somewhat" of Good News! Continuing to pray for my God Baby & the whole family! Keep me updated - I <3 YOU GRANDON BRUCE!!!!

Carole said...

How very scary...!
I'm so sorry you all have to go through the incertitude and fear that comes at times like these. You're in our thoughts and hearts, and I am looking forward to hearing the good news you will get -- I am hoping this is the result of a benign condition and that it will resolve itself.

I am not one to "preach", if you know what I mean, I only want to tell you: hold on to the core of your faith that it's just a stumbling rock on the path, and most certainly not a punishment for any mistakes of your youth. You know better than I do that the Lord sees in each heart, knows every weakness, and still loves us unconditionally. I know how you feel, I do the same thing to myself -- as mothers, we take on a lot more than we can carry, sometimes.

David O. McKay, my favorite president, once said: "do your duty, that is best; leave unto the Lord the rest." Wise words from a wise man, who taught us so much about families, love, dignity and the power of believing.
Stay strong, and if there is ever anything you need, we are here for you. May healing blessings be with you and Grandon at all times.

Tiffany said...

Thanks guys, it's good to hear words of comfort and peace. Carol I love president McKay, he always has such strong, touching words. Sometimes it's so hard to hand it over to the Lord, and I try to everyday.

I'll write an updated post after his next appointment.