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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A place for my kids creations...

I LOVE that my kids are artist in there own rights, but come on moms lets admit it, we get tired of 500 drawings, pictures, notes, creations, and so forth over taking the fridge! 

I was browsing through Pinterest (when am I not?) and found some cute ideas, but not any I was sold on, but it did get the wheels turning, so I researched some more and found a masterpiece board, and I just knew I needed to create my own version of it!

So I started off by taking a trip to Lowe's and purchasing my wood, this piece cost about $5. I gave it a light sanding on the top and then sanded the sides and edges so they would be rounded.

I tend to do most of my crafting indoors, since I live in South Texas it tends to be a little on the hot side outdoors. Next I laid out my cut vinyl to give myself and idea of how everything was fitting. Which if you don't own a vinyl cutter (like me) you can go to this amazing little shop called Little Treasures and buy it from her.

 After getting my lay out done, I chose my paint color. My all time favorite color is yellow, I'm currently slowly in the processes of re-doing my living room, and let me stress the S.L.O.W.L.Y. part!

Since, I chose a bright color it required more coats of paint then a darker color would of, this is roughly 5-6 coats of paint, and I painted it on pretty thick. I got this color at Hobby Lobby it took the whole bottle, but it only cost $0.69.

Once my board was painted and dried it was time for putting the vinyl on, my husband did this part, he is very anal about spacing, positioning, and etc. (I personally think he just likes stickers, but don't tell him I said that)

Once, he got out of the way, I put two coats of Mod Podge on top, for a few reasons, one it seals the paint and the vinyl, two it protects the board a little more, and three it makes the board easier to clean, if when something got gets on it.

I bought these cool clips at Wal-Mart they came 2 to a package, for the whooping price of $1.88, they are perfect, because they don't have the magnets on the back, but still have the holes that go all the way through at the top. I chose a total of 4 clips so each of my kids would have 2 clips. My husband used his drill to screw these in and it worked perfectly.

We added a hanger to the back of the board and hung it up, I had the perfect stop in our hallway for it.

 And my kids, have already put it to good use, and I now have my fridge back, I really loved the way it turned out!

This craft was so easy to do and really inexpensive, the total cost came out to be about $13, not to bad for crafting on a budget!
Happy Crafting!


kbeauitfulm said...

love this!!!so cute!Come check out my new blog=)