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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Initial Wreath

Who doesn't love a personalized "something" for there front door. My front door was looking pretty sad, since it had nothing hanging on it. When I first saw a post about a personalized wreath I knew it was going to be a midnight craft! We put our spin on it and LOVE how it turned out!

We first started out with a 14" natural vine wreath from Hobby Lobby, like the one pictured below:


Then I picked out some vines, flowers, and Ribbon to accent my wreath and match my decor if your front door can have decor , I really wanted my wreath to flow with the decor of my entry way.


 I love these vines that I got from Hobby Lobby, they are so pretty and different! 

 After Mod Podging my scrapbook paper onto my 
initial I tied some matching ribbon around my letter, made a little family plaque and hung it up on my front door!


I'm now in love with how my front door looks and the way this wreath came out!

Keep Crafting!