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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lapband Update....

Since Friday I've been waiting to hear back from Roxanne who is my lap band coordinator. As of September 16th, 2009 at 3:12 PM I got an email from Roxanne saying that as of Friday she has sent my case to Cigna, my insurance company for approval.

It usually takes about 2 weeks, but can take up to a month. Starting Monday I will be calling Cigna at least once/twice a week asking about the status of my approval. This just helps them move faster on my case. The faster they move the faster my surgery can be.

Needless to say her email just made my whole day! We've been waiting what seems like forever to finally get to this point! The light is most defiantly at the end of the tunnel! As soon as we have a final answer with the approval I'll let everyone know!

Once we get approval, we have three more steps:

Step one: My 2nd appointment with the psychotherapist
Step two: My final consult with the surgeon
Step three: Pre-Register for surgery

After I've complete those three things, then it's time to schedule surgery! I'll keep y'all updated!!!


Teffy said...

Tiffany I am not sure why you are doing this. There are so many other options to lose weight then to make yourself have "dumping syndrome" for months. This is really going to play a very large roll on your life that regardless of how desperate you are isn't worth the work. I have seen amazing results with other diets. Though I don't agree with the one I am going to suggest it teaches you so much and you will see the pounds just melting away. I am sure you know, THE HCG diet. They have the shots, spray and tablets. I know the sprays and tablets work just as well as the Shots and cost tonz less. Being overweight wreaks havic on your skinny bones and organs. I think change is good. I work my butt OFF with diet and exercise but it is not easy. I eat well cuz if I don't it will kill me.....SOME day! All it takes is 2 weeks of eating bad and zero exercise for me to put on 5 pounds....(like right now) if I let it go more I will gain more weight. Totally not nice. It is hard but you can do it other ways.

Paradise said...

Ditto---to Teffy's comments!
I don't agree with the HCG diet either but it seems to work for many women. Check it out.
There is no hurry--be sure and safe. Good Luck!

Xazmin said...

You are in my prayers.