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Monday, October 26, 2009

Friend Making Monday

I skipped out on the last two editions of FMM, but here I am again, trying to get back on track! Life has been just a little bit crazy the past few weeks, It's the start of another week and I'm determined to start it off right, now let's just see where I put that motivation of mine, hmmm??? My house is in desperate need of a cleaning so I could really use that motivation of mine!

Anyways back to the post, sorry I'm on a tangent mood right now!

So Amber's question for this weeks edition is:

If life were a movie, which movie would you want to live in?

This is a difficult question, there are quite a few movies that I could chose from, but to narrow it down to just ONE that's hard!

And no, my answer is not TWLIGHT, I do LOVE the books, and hoping New Moon is much better than Twlight!

So back to what movie would my life be???

  • A walk to remember came to mind, but didn't seem just right.
  • Then 50 first dates came to mind, and as much as it could go with Clayton and I, it was still just lacking something.

And then....

After much thought, this movie kept coming back to me, and looking back and reviewing MOST of my ADULT life, I think this if very fitting!

This movie has so much meaning for Clayton and myself! Every time we watch it we think of our wedding day all over again, laugh and fall right back in love. I know I know sounds super cheesy, but sometimes you need a little cheesiness in your life!

So now that I rambled on just to answer one little question, what's your movie?

Link up on McLinky, so I can go check out your answers!!!