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Friday, April 23, 2010

What's a birthday without a yummy Igloo???

So I have the world's best husband EVER! I know, just about every woman says that, but I really do have the most awesomest husband!

This past Sunday was my real birthday and he put me on the couch and told me not to move, I did that really well, wish he'd tell me to do that more often!

While I was laying there watching Buffy, he was in the kitchen creating away! We have this restaurant here in Texas called Houilhan's and they have a desert called "The Snickers Dome" it's only one of my favorites!

So Clayton made me his version of it, and here I am extremely happy to be eating it!

On the phone with my sister in law, Jess, she called me from Florida where her and Ryan were just getting off there cruise to wish me a happy birthday! She is the BEST!

Plated with snow and all!

It was oh so yummy! It was HUGE though! I'm sure glad Clayton helped me eat it, otherwise I would have gotten really sick!!!